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    About Divine Quiz :

    1. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday, 10 Questions will be posted in the website.

    2. Prizes will be given for the first person who answers all the 20 questions (1st and 3rd Sunday).

    3. The Prize would be a good religious one.

    4. The prize will be sent through Post / Courier.

    5. At the same time, if he/she is outside the state or the country, the prizewinner can nominate his/her relative's/friend's name staying in and around Chennai to whom the prize will be sent.

    Hindu Religious Quiz - Feb 2nd set, 2017 Questions

    1. How many Thiru Vilayadals did Shiva Perumaan performed in Madurai?
    2. How many Dharma Sastha Temples did Parusuramar originated?
    3. What is the 108th Divyadesam?
    4. Which Bhakthan of Lord Murugar wrote "SKandha Guru Kavasam"?
    5. In which Shivasthalam, Lord Saraswathi is found without Veenai?
    6. Among the Pancha Bhootha Sthalams, which temple is referred to as the Air form (Vaayu)?
    7. In which temple, the Sangu is taken out from the Temple Pond, once in 12 Years?
    8. Which Auspicious day is said to be the day during which Arjunan performed tapas and got the Paasupadha Asthram?
    9. Along with which Rishi, did Sri Rama and Lakshmanar went towards the forest?
    10. Who rendered Sri Kanakadhara Sthothram?

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